Know your body, don’t guess.

In just a few minutes you will know more about your movement, posture and balance than ever before.

Curious about how you can take advantage of Quick Posture?

We believe everyone has the right to optimal health, injury avoidance and a better understanding of how their bodies work.

You simply copy some easy everyday movements, and Quick Posture measures your performance in 3D, in minutes! We capture your every move, from head to toe, using advanced biomechanics, once reserved for researchers using expensive human movement laboratories.

Digital 3D screening outperforms the human eye, and allows you to see your results immediately. You can monitor your performance over time to see your progress.

Wouldn’t you like to know how your body is really working?

How does it work?

Our advanced software turns a computer and a gaming sensor, like the Kinect, into a simple to use movement laboratory. The testing and the feedback is automated, so there is no need for supervision. The test results can be discussed with a health professional, who can now give you personalised advice. With our Qinematic TM Virtual Lab software, they can view your performance in slow motion, create detailed reports, and use animated feedback to educate you about YOUR performance.

Why is it better?

The best way to understand movement, balance and posture, and how it impacts our health and daily function, is to digitally record function in 3D. Universities and elite sports teams have used large 3D movement labs for decades. You have probably never seen one because they are so expensive, time consuming and scarce. They use markers that are stuck to the skin, and the results are rather difficult to interpret.

Quick Posture wants everyone to benefit from testing, so we have made it markerless, automated, easy to interpret, quick and affordable.

Your data is safe

We collaborate with top universities like the famous Swedish medical university, Karolinska Institute. This helps us to better understand optimal health, and to design the very best service for you.

We invest a lot of resources in following strict regulations to protect your information. We will never share your personal information with anyone else without your permission.


  • Most of the staff at my office have been Quick Posture tested. In fact, I also arranged to scan a member of my family to help solve a stubborn musculoskeletal problem. I work with digital health and life science I know the value of objective measures – to help the health professional make better decisions and to empower individuals through education and informing them about their progress. I think Quick Posture is especially impressive because it is accurate, convenient, time saving, and also very affordable.

    Paul Beatus
    Paul BeatusDigital Health Stockholm
  • In my work as a Sports Trainer and Coach with both elite athletes and ‘weekend warriors’, it is important to measure performance for improvement, injury prevention as well as rehabilitation. Running is a demanding sport and often in my line of work I see people at the tipping point of top form and overuse injury. Quick Posture testing actually shows the weak links in movement patterns, which means I can choose suitable strategies for avoiding or managing problems.

    Rubin - sports trainer
    Rubin - sports trainer and coach, Urban Tribes
  • Quick Posture is a fast and efficient way to get an instant snapshot of a client’s function. We have used it for corporate fitness screening, to identify weak links and to educate clients about their status. It helps us to design corrective exercises and to personalize training for individuals. It is very motivating for the clients to actually see themselves moving in 3D on the screen.

    FridaUnder Construction, personal training studio


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